Mini-driven and Rough Shooting

Shooting party and gun dogs

From the valley of the river Isla steep hills clad in a mixture of ancient and regenerated woodland rise to heather moorland cut through by narrow gorges. This topography supports an astonishing diversity of wildlife and offers not only a very exciting variety of challenging birds but also sensational views.

Between 1 October and 31 January we offer mini-driven days (40-80 birds) and rough shooting (bag expectation of up to 10 head of game per gun) which can include pheasant, partridge, ducks (of several different wild species), woodcock and snipe.


  • The pheasant season runs from 1 October until 31 January
  • The partridge and duck seasons run from 1 September until 31 January


  • Mini-driven days are for between 40 and 80 birds priced at £36+ VAT per bird on a ratio of 4 shots to 1 bird (minimum 4 guns; maximum 8 guns)
  • Rough shooting is priced at £200 + VAT per Gun (minimum 2 guns; maximum 6 guns)

The above can be incorporated into a week of sporting activity with accommodation which can also include stalking, salmon, sea trout, grayling, wild brown trout and driven shooting depending on the time of year.

For enquiries please contact The Shoot Manager