Mick to the Rescue

“From down the mines to planting Daffodils”

Mick tells us about his journey which led from working in the mines of northern england to Brewlands Estate. 

Mick “to the rescue” Hardy has been working on Brewlands Estate for the last 7 years. From digging out ditches, transplanting 4-metre high trees, chasing sheep, undergrounding water pipes, erecting deer fences, pulling out bulrushes, trimming hedges, snow ploughing the drives, sharpening chainsaws, to planting bluebell and snowdrop bulbs and moving Garden statuary (that loch-side Pagoda was quite a challenge!), Mick has seen it all. In his own words…“nope, there is never a dull moment at Brewlands”. Handy with a spade and a demon with the lawnmower, Mick is never far away.

 You have probably seen him around in his green wellies on his little orange tractor (known to us as “Pico” – the tractor that is – not Mick!) and never without his hat. Under his tenure the lawns and shrubs of all the houses and cottages have been mown into submission. Naturally affable, there is not much which rattles Mick, but one word of advice would be…just don’t say the word molehill anywhere in his vicinity! Also, now we come to think about it, it is probably not advisable to suggest to him that he hales from Yorkshire….


Mick grew up in Chesterfield. 13 years ago he came to Glenisla on holiday and never looked back. Dramatically, six weeks after returning from his holiday he had sold his house in Chesterfield and moved into the Glen. The next thing was to find a job - Mick has never been out of work for more than three weeks in his life. First he found Strathmore Foods in Forfar, then Websters High School in Kirriemuir. At the same time he became the driver of the Glenshee school bus, and nowadays combines the bus run twice a day with his work at Brewlands.

 Mick is a key member of the Brewlands Estate team. During his time here he has worked to transform many corners of the Estate and tame some of its wild beauty. In his spare time he roams the hills with his dogs. We don’t blame him for making the move, can you?

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