The Glenisla Mamil

Simon Evans, our House Manager, is now a self-confessed Mamil (middle aged man in lycra). We hear from him about how he got hooked on cycling in some of the most beautiful countryside in Scotland.

Simon Evans

Some of you will no doubt recall the scene in the film Notting Hill, where “Spike” is unfortunately photographed, wearing nothing but his underpants, by some photographers at his front door, and on coming back indoors, looks at himself in the mirror, and comments, “not bad, not bad at all”. I am at least clad head to toe in lycra, but have similar thoughts, which are, as usual, shot down in flames by Annie rolling her eyes, shaking her head and saying “not a good look at all “ !!!!

How have I ended up being part of a growing phenomenon known as a Mamil  (a middle aged man in lycra)?? Well, a couple of years ago, I happened to look down and realised that, sadly, I could no longer see my toes, and that I needed to do something about it. As my knees are knackered after too much rugby, training for a marathon was not really an option. Cycling seemed a possibility, so I started out on an old mountain bike doing the six mile loop around the glen. Some wise old sage warned me that getting into cycling was obsessively masochistic and he was right!!

The views of Glenisla are greatly enhanced  by the mountainous scenery, which, by their very nature, means lots of uphill roads, and which ,on a bike, are a lot steeper than in the car, I can assure you. Nothing, however, beats the sense of achievement when you get to the top!

The view as you enter Glenisla

I’ve since progressed to a proper road bike, so if any fellow Mamil who brings their bike up with them would like some company, just let me know. There are some fabulously quiet roads in the area, with a variety of circuits, from the six mile glen loop to a sixty five mile trip to glen Clova. If there is not enough room in the car or you just want to have a go, there are also mountain bikes for hire on the estate. We have lots of keen amatueur cyclists who stay on the Estate and we can of course provide secure cycle storage as well as pack lunches and collection and delivery. Get in touch with the man himself to tell you more about what we can offer

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