The Glenisla Mamil rides again - now that spring has sprung

Living up here in “paradise” glen is, for the most part, an absolute joy and indeed a privilege, but then there is the little matter of winter...

Winter Glenisla

Don’t get me wrong, the winters up here are magnificent as well, but better for skiing than for cycling!! Time spent on the slopes means that the Glenisla mamil is nowhere to be seen out on the road.

Unluckily for Annie, that means spending a few “sessions” on the dreaded turbo, well, what else is the spare room for? Unless you’ve got something to watch, being on the turbo is excruciatingly boring, and I can assure you, ten minutes pedalling and going no where, feels and seems like at least an hour!!!

Cycling Glenisla Perthshire

And why am I putting myself through all this pain??!! I applied, along with 85,000 others, to enter the ride London 100, in August, but was unsuccessful. However, as I was really looking forward to doing the Olympic 2012 route, including the iconic Box Hill climb, I’ve managed to get a charity place. I am riding for Breakthrough Breast Cancer, and need to raise £600.00. I, and no doubt most of you, have sadly known someone who has had breast cancer. Detection and survival rates are improving, but more needs to be done. It really shouldn’t be such an issue in today’s world.

I know that lots of people, with very worthy causes, will, at some time, be asking what I’m asking, but if you could sponsor me, your money WILL make a difference, and it will be the motivation needed to make me get back on the turbo again, and not find some excuse for not doing so !!

My just giving page is www.justgiving/Simon-Evans30/

Otherwise, a cheque made out to Breakthrough Breast Cancer, and sent to me here at Doldy Farm, Glenisla, PH11 8QJ

Many, many thanks in advance for your generosity.

Now that the winter hibernation looks to be well and truly over, hopefully I will see you out in the Glens on my bike.

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