About Us

Boy in boat

It was so calm and so solitary. All seemed to breathe freedom and peace, and to make one forget the world and its sad turmoils.

Queen Victoria's diary, 1848, en-route to Balmoral

Brewlands Estate has been owned and farmed by our family since the nineteenth century but there is archaeological evidence that people have been living here for at least 3,000 years. In July 1224 ‘the Brewlands’ was given to the Abbey of Coupar Angus by King Alexander II. For 300 years Cistercian monks spent half the year in this peaceful place, tending their cows and honeybees, making wildflower and heather honey and brewing beer and mead from the pure spring water which continues to supply our houses today. 

From the sixteenth to the nineteenth century the glen was a centre of illicit whisky production: the ruins of one such secret distillery are still visible on the Estate. More recently visitors of note include Queen Victoria who loved to picnic on our riverbank, both American Presidents Bush who have stayed on the Estate several times, and members of several Royal families.

The Estate is farmed with wildlife very much in mind, with hedges, mixed deciduous woodland and coniferous forests, lochs, rivers and moorland. If you come to stay with us we would be very surprised if you do not see any deer or grouse as well as the Highland ponies, native blackface sheep and Highland cattle which live in the glen.

There is an enormous and diverse resident bird population, boosted in the summer months by migrants including curlews and cuckoos. We have ancient unimproved wildflower meadows with rare yellow violets and orchids. Endangered red squirrels live all over the Estate and you will be very unlucky not to see some every day. The walls support rare ferns, mosses and lichens which grow only in totally unpolluted places.

We strongly believe in supporting our local community and promoting local suppliers: our cook strives wherever possible to use locally grown vegetables, organic venison and game from the Estate and beef and lamb from local suppliers. The UK’s largest organic raspberry, strawberry and blueberry growing area is only 20 minutes away. We believe in helping to protect the environment and this runs through everything we do. Every visit to Brewlands Estate supports the work taking place to protect and enhance this beautiful part of Highland Perthshire.